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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Better Painting Day

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All By Self II, Oil 8" x 6"
I had lots of paint left over from yesterday's painting "experience" so I thought I would try a different version of the solo boat painting I did last week. The colors are a bit off in the photo but I do like the painting. I promise!
I have made a lot of progress with my newsletter. I decided to create one to reach out to potential art collectors. I signed up with Constant Contact (cost is $15.00 per month) and I have to say I really like the program. It enabled me to put the newsletter sign up on my blog and website, it has a great database and the newsletter design is fun and really good quality. I have almost 300 emails in the database (I downloaded most from my outlook Contacts) and I have the draft of the first newsletter almost complete. It is very colorful and has lots of good photos. I have included two sections titled "Where to Find Good but Inexpensive Art" and "My Favorite New Artist" and I am pleased to say that both articles are about all of the wonderful artists I have met through my blog! If you want a copy, be sure to sign up. I hope to send out the inaugural copy on May 1st!


Victor Bauer said...

Leslie, i think your sense of color is an exceptional talent. Honestly. And "Monday's struggle" is one of my favorite.

Thanks for visiting my blog, your comments and purchase!

Erik van Elven said...

Hi Leslie, I found your blog through a search on google for 'limited palette ultramarine'.
And now I saw your picture i suddenly recognize you from Marc Hansons blog. Small world.
I'm amazed by what you achieve with so few colors and by using just the palette knife.
Looking forward to new posts from you and I'm definately going to browse through your older posts. Awesome work.

Laura Trevey said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, as it brought me to yours! I am so inspired by your work... I LOVE it! I will visit often :)


Anonymous said...

Amazes me how you come up with such beautiful paintings each day. This one has that wonderful sense of colour combinations which you achieve so well in all your paintings. r.

Karen Bruson said...

Leslie, The colors in your painting look great on my computer, but I have the same problem with my camera. It makes all my paintings bluer than they are.

Dana Cooper said...

Your paintings are always beautiful! Can't wait to see your newsletter!!

Sandra Galda said...

this one is very calm and the colors are great as always, yesterday's has a nervous tension to the brushstrokes that actually makes the image very attractive....whatever you are feeling, no matter what...your images are always excellent.

Karen said...

Leslie, Aside from the paintings (which by the way, I don't think yesterday's it too wild at all!), I appreciate your info. regarding your newsletter and the how to do that. It's inspiring and helpful! I hope you tell those of us that have yet to get one up and running how it all progresses.
Thank you for that.

L.Holm said...

beautiful red!
Congrats on the imminent launch of your newsletter. I'm looking forward to receiving my 1st copy :-). Thanks for the info on Constant Contact.


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