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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Blonde Moment ...

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"Blue Bayou"
Oil, 12" x 12" on museum quality canvas panel.
Most of you are aware that I am a blonde. A natural one, in fact. You also need to know that occasionally (and I do mean occasionally!) I do a dumb thing. And on these rare moments, my children seem to think it is important to remind me of my natural hair color.
So yesterday, when I was making lunch for my ailing husband (it's ok to feel sorry for me here ...) I somehow managed to completely bend one of my toes in to a position that I don't think it's supposed to be bent. So, needless to say, I have yet another purple/blue/black toe and cannot really walk ... very well. So, as much as I wanted like to hide this from all of the male species living in my house, it just isn't/wasn't possible. (Just to be fair, I should probably mention that a few months ago I pretty much did the same thing to a toe on my other foot.)
So ... similar accident and now the dumb blonde jokes. Hmmm. Where are all of the "brunette" jokes? Or "redhead" jokes?
So, after spending this morning at the hospital with my husband (he is fine ... you should be feeling sorry for me ... not him) I went up to my studio, and proceeded to paint ... while elevating and icing my toe. Not such a smart idea. Have you ever tired to paint with one foot up in the air?
It's a miracle that I even have a decent painting to post ... and yes ... it's ok to send any good dumb blonde jokes my way. I think I have heard them all ... thanks to the "male species" living in my house! But I sense there might be a few more out there I haven't heard yet.

So really ... what's a girl to do? Oops ... I mean, what's a blonde girl to do?


Marian Fortunati said...

I'm sorry, Leslie...

(Why am I laughing, you say.... I can't help myself... )
Hope you both recover quickly and don't hurt one another in the process.

Dreama Tolle Perry said...

What do you call a blonde between two brunettes???
A mental block.

What do you call a brunette between two blondes?
A translator.

Tee Hee! Sorry,I couldn't resist. And I can't get the picture out of my head with you painting with one foot up in the air....

Great painting by the way and I love the title.

Unknown said...

From one blonde to another, is the blue in your painting the same color as your toe? It is a very pretty blue.

Leslie Saeta said...

Dreama - Just an FYI ... "really dumb brunette" named the painting today ... on her way home from teaching a workshop ... in Kentucky ...

Leslie Saeta said...

Kelley - sadly it is not the color of the painting. Looks more like alizrin crimson and ultramarine blue ...

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Well, blessings on all the ailing folk in your house, no matter the species! Get better soon and keep painting!

martinealison said...

J'espère que vous souffrez moins... Vouliez-vous mettre un peu de couleru à vos pieds???
Savez-vous qu'on peut mettre du vernis à ongle sur les orteils ?!!! Conseil d'une blonde à une blonde!!!!... Bisous


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