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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stanford Quad - SOLD

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"Stanford Quad"
Oil, 6" x 6"

I really love painting paintings of colleges and universities. Those four years (oops ... maybe five ...) of college represent such an importantt time in every teenager's life. College is a time to meet lifelong friends, find your passion, discover opportunities and even fall in love. I don't know of any other time in your life when you can live with your peers while discovering what you want to do (with the rest of your life).
When I am asked to paint a painting featuring a college I find myself wandering down memory lane ... so I am always refecting back on my four years at UCSB. I have also found that every time we travel to Stanford to visit my son, I remind him that I would love to attend college all over again at Stanford.  Fortunately my son no longer shows an expression of panic on his face ... he knows I am kidding ... but the memories of my four college years will last a lifetime.
So ... I hope this painting provides many great memories of Stanford. I do know the new owner has had many (and I do mean many ...) years at Stanford!


Marian Fortunati said...

Wonderful... Congrats to you AND the new owner!

martinealison said...

Il est toujours agréable de conserver des souvenirs de jeunesse... je pense que vous avez éprouvé beaucoup de plaisir à peindre cette toile... et peut-être avec une forme de nostalgie.

Jerry Stocks said...

Beautiful painting--love the colors!!

Jose Luis De Juan said...

Nice. Such a vibrant rendering of the campus without being too literal. Congratulations.


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