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Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Workshop News

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Here I am starting my demo with the palette knife! 
These are the amazing paintings completed by the workshop artists with palette knives!
I remember the conversation I had with Dreama many months ago about ways in which we could make our workshop "different". We talked a lot about many of the workshops we had attended and about how we thought we could enhance the "workshop experience".
One of the decisions we made was to add two evenings with all of the artists. Because I love to cook, I thought it would be wonderful if we could cook dinner for the artists. By inviting them in to our home (or my brother's house ... as was the case this week) we could provide an environment where we could share even more about ourselves.
This past Friday night each artist had the chance to share their personal feelings about their art. We all shared from the heart and laughed ... and even cried. The experience of that amazing evening will be with me forever. As artists we know we are unique and yet we found how we all shared so many common traits, stories and funny "crazy crafting" stories from our childhood.  This was the opportunity to share and talk  ... and to reinforce that we are definitely on the right path.


L.Holm said...

Your workshops sound wonderful Leslie! I bet they're tons of fun and informative. That space is great, too!

Jerry Stocks said...

The workshop was fantastic. Hope I can make this a yearly event each year in Atlanta. Can't wait to receive my "Twelve Days of Christmas" present. Many thanks!

Karen F. Rose said...

Leslie your workshop was so well planned and such an information packed experience. You and Dreama are such generous artists and the talent and passion you have for your own art and the desire to be of help and share marketing advice with others artists is such a gift you freely give to us. Thank you.


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