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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Colorful Reflections ... and the Lakers Playoff Discount is back!

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"Colorful Reflections"
Oil, 6" x 12" on canvas panel.
$350.00 unframed.
I spent most of the day yesterday in Balboa and so it was a forgone conclusion that I would end up posting a boat painting today. I took 73 photos which will inspire at least 20 new paintings so I am very excited to start painting Balboa again!
I forgot about the crazy LAKER PLAYOFF DISCOUNT I offered last year during the NBA playoffs. Since my team (the Lakers) appear to need all the help they can get, I am offering the same great promotion. If the Lakers win, then I will discount my paintings by a percentge that is calculated by the number of points the Lakers win by. So, if the score of tonights game is Lakers - 100 and Hornets - 75, then I will offer a discount of 25% off my paintings. And the discount only lasts until the next playoff game. Hopefuly this makes sesne ...
Need I remind you that the Lakers won a playoff game last year by 38 points?????

Update ... Lakers won by 16 so all of my paintings are 16% off.


Marian Fortunati said...

Good to have you and your lovely paintings back, Leslie!!!

mary maxam said...

This is gorgeous, love the color and format

Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

First you're painting is gorgeous!! Love the colors and second, you're crazy with the Laker's discount promo. The control freak in me cringes.

Jane Hunt said...

Love the vibrant colors here!

Your anniversary show was great - you and Dreama are so funny together!


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