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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Eight

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The prize for the 8th Day of Christmas is a set of my favorite palette knives.
Day Seven Winner is Donna Aloia.

To qualify for the Eighth Day of Christmas jut leave a comment here or on my Facebook Profile or Fan Page and let me know what your favorite art "tool" is! My favorite tools are my three palette knives and the lucky winner will be given a set. 
The "survey" I held for the 7th Day of Christmas had some interesting results. First off, there were 64 people who "voted" and 43 different paintings were selected. I guess the results prove once again that different types of art appeal to a lot of different people. Somehow I imagined there would be fewer paintings selected. But I am thrilled with the results. The most favored painting was "Just Waiting" and it can be seen here. Currently it's on display at the Debra Huse Gallery.
Finally, don't forget, my paintings are 20% off until December 15th!

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