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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Two Thirds

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"Two Thirds"
Oil, 8" x 8" framed.
Available at Gale's Restaurant

I have been so busy this month that I realized I forgot to post two of the demo paintings I completed in my January workshop. I am not sure how I managed to do that as I am ALWAYS posting paintings as soon as they come off the easel. Oh well, it's been a crazy month.
I am buried in my studio finishing a 4' x 6' commission for a new restaurant opening in Pasadena. Plus I have ten small commissions due in mid-February of one of my favorite colleges. And if you read my facebook post last week, I received wonderful news on Friday that images of ten of my paintings were selected by an art licensing company. If you haven't heard the show we did on "Artists Helping Artists" about Art Licensing, you should listen to it. It's called "Pimping Your Art ... Why Art Licensing Makes Sense". Click on the title to listen to the show.
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