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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Getting Creative

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"Sailing Medley"
Oil, 30" x 40"
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We all need to be more creative when it comes to selling our art. This week's Artists Helping Artists show was titled "How to Use Pinterest and Facebook to Drive More Traffic to your Art Website". Most of you probably aren't aware that it takes three to four hours every week to research the show topic and create the show notes. Every once in a while a topic comes around that really gets me inspired. This week's show was one of them. 
The challenge we all have with social media is that it's always changing. It's nearly impossible to keep up with what's new and it's frustrating to even try! That's why I love the AHA show. I often pick topics based on what I want to learn more about. The reason we do a lot of AHA shows on Facebook is two fold. First, it's the best marketing tool I use. Second, it's the only way I can attempt to keep up on what's new.
We started this week's show with a lot of great Facebook ideas. But the Pinterest tips were what really got me excited. For example, if you want to see what’s being pinned from your art website just use this URL, (but put your website in the last part instead of You will see every photo that has been pinned from your website. It also shows who pinned it which is a great way to learn who likes your art (hint ... potential collector or workshop student). 
Another suggestion on the show was to create visual images with words on Pinterest. Your pins will be a lot more successful if you add words and tell people what to do. I like to use a more subtle approach. Here is an example I created this week:

You can use any of the free online photo editors to create this collage such as Picmonkey or Ipiccy. They are fun and easy. Just make sure you always include a link to your website where a potential client can get more information.
Here is another one I created for Facebook to promote my Monday Open Studios:

I highly suggest you listen to the "Artists Helping Artists" show. It's free and there are four and a half years of shows archived on the site. 

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