Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The AHA Artists Forum

I have been thinking for a while that the listeners of the Artists Helping Artists show need a place to go where we can talk about art, share ideas and ask questions of our fellow artists. Many of us use Facebook to interact but I think Facebook is a bit too generic for this purpose. We need our own place to go and ask questions and share ideas and good news!

My AHA co-host Carrie Waller and I did a show a few weeks ago about Carrie's Artist Mentoring Group. (If you would like to listen to the show you can go to here.) It was a very inspiring show and I have received emails, phone calls, text messages and Facebook messages from artists looking for artists to be part of a group. But we need a place to be able to communicate about topics exactly like this. 

Good news. We now have one.

I have started an AHA forum on my website. Its a place where you can post a question, share news and also answer questions and interact with other artists. You can find the blog on my website at
Check it out and let me know what you think. Better yet, share some news or post a comment on the forum! I already started one topic for artists looking for a mentoring group. Let me know your thoughts.

I have a lot of great workshops scheduled in 2016. I will be teaching in Cape Cod, Atlanta, Richmond, South Pasadena and Ventura. Click here for more information! 

I am also offering Online Studio painting classes every month. Join me each month as we paint traditional oil paintings and abstract paintings with a palette knife. Click here to sign up. 

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