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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Heard it Through the Grapevine

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"Heard it Through the Grapevine"
Oil, 6" x 6" on canvas panel.
$250 framed.

I painted this little one at the end of the first day of the plein air weekend. I had about an hour and a half until the reception and I felt like I should find something to paint. So I got in my car and drove down by the vineyard and sat on the back bumper and painted this view of the grapevines. The next hour made me very aware of how comfortable I am when I paint in my studio.

First off, it was hot and sunny and within five minutes I was sunburned. Next, the wind came up and blew over my easel so I had to scrape off all of the dirt and start the painting over. Then the flies came. They were so irritating. (Another artist told me later to bring a fabric softener sheet and it will keep them away ... not sure if it works though.) I finally finished and got back in my car (with about 100 flies) and drove up the hill to the reception. (And by the way ... there were about 20 flies left in my car the following morning when I drove back to the winery. And at least five buzzing in my car on Monday and two in the car this morning. )

I don't mean to complain but I can tell you that I was laughing out loud when I finally finished my painting. All I did was think of a fellow painter Marc Hansen who paints plein air every day. He lives in Minnesota and goes out to paint in temperatures that freeze his fingers, his entire body and yes ... his paint.

All I needed was a quick reminder of how he paints outdoors all winter long and I knew that I really was lucky ... and warm!


Shirley Peters said...

This is a beautiful painting... it does look hot!

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Without your story no one would know of your struggles while painting...this is a great piece!

Julie Hill said...

Leslie, you crack me up!! Its a great lil' painting...a lot going on...which, now reading the behind the scenes, all makes tranferred all that to the painting.


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