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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stanford From Afar

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"Stanford From Afar"
Oil, 8" x 8" on canvas panel.

Wow, what a week. I know it has been way too long since I have posted a painting but I really did have good intentions to paint between sporting events! It just didn't work out that way.
The Pac10 swimming championships were amazing. Stanford won their 29th consecutive title. Thank heavens ... my son did not want his freshman class to be the one to break the streak! The races were amazing and we had the chance to get to know all of the parents of the swimmers. What a wonderful group of people. And yes, I have a sore throat from cheering so much!
Baseball and volleyball games went real well too. We caught a lot of those games in between the swimming prelims and finals ...
I am back in the studio and was waiting for the sun to come out to take a picture of this latest painting. I did a similar one a year ago and love the sunlight on Hoover Tower!

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Anonymous said...

Love the orange and green...go primary girl!!


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