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Monday, May 17, 2010

Lakers win by 21 so BIG discount on my art ... and a new logo!

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A few things ... the Lakers won tonight by 21 points, so that means all of my paintings are 21% percent off until the next playoff game! Yikes!
My new "art logo" is posted above (and all over my website and facebook). I do think "branding" is important for any business. And even though artists can use their "art" to brand their name I really wanted to pursue a "new look and feel" for my art. Other than my paintings.
So ... my dear friend Dreama Tolle Perry came to the rescue. She suggested an on-line service called Basically, it's a site where you agree to spend $250 (or more) up front to have a log designed for you. They have hundreds of artists that will submit logos to your contest. When you sign up, you provide tons of information about what you want. I included links to my website and blog. Your "contest" is then posted on their site and within a few hours the logo ideas start posting to your "contest page". It's important that you provide feedback and rank the logos as they come in. Because the artists really do listen to what you have to say. And all of the artists will continue to submit new ideas based on your feedback.
Early on, I decided I wanted a palette knife in my logo. Then, one artist pulled my signature from my paintings into the logo. I really liked that. Another saw that I painted reflections and added reflections into the logo design. At the end of seven days, you have the option to extend the contest another week. So I did. By the end of the 14 days, I had over 100 logos submitted. And they were really great. I LOVE my winning logo.


Dennis Dame said...

Logo looks great Leslie!

Becky Joy said...

Love your new logo. That's something I may try. I've struggled with what to do about that.

Sandra Galda said...

I like the logo lots too!!! Great!

Julie Hill said...

As i said on FB...this looks awesome...but i want to add here that it really reflects you and your art: sharp, artistic, refined and energetic!! very nice!

Roxanne Steed said...

OMG - what an awesome way to have your logo really is perfect, btw....& I really liked seeing it at the top of your blog today! Thanks for the scoop!


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