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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Over The Bridge

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"Over the Bridge"
Oil, 6" x 6" on canvas panel
$200.00 with display easel.
Today I tried something new for the first time. I went to a yoga class. Now, I should probably go ahead and remind you all that I am 5'11" tall and not really able to touch my toes. I was an athlete in high school ... not a gymnast ... not a cheerleader. I swam, played volleyball and basketball. I will even go out on a limb here and confess that I have never been able to do a cartwheel (and that even includes an evening in which my sisters tried to teach me ... once and for all ... in my front yard ... vodka tonics and all ...). Still no luck.
So back to today's yoga class. It was an advanced class but the time slot worked well with my girlfriends. And I figured, why not? I was a little worried when the instructor started talking about the light and reaching inside our hearts to find the light which somehow had something to do with the Royal Wedding. I am not exactly sure what she was saying because my mind instantly wandered to the huge auction I am in charge of that is next week.
So, once we got past the "touchy feely" talk, the work began. We spent an hour stretching and bending and stretching and twisting and stretching and bending some more. It was hard. But not impossible. And even the cracking in my knees wasn't bad. Loud, but no pain. And that's a good thing.
So, what was my take home? I probably should have started this 30 years ago. But it's never too late and I will go back. I just might want to buy a yoga mat, remember to turn off my cell phone and take three Advil before the class starts.


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

LOVE the bridge, Leslie! And good for you! I've tried 3 kinds of yoga, and ended up in such pain the next day that one time I actually couldn't get out of bed! Now I do Svaroopa yoga (it's all about the back) and there's no 'pain' involved. There's a yoga for everyone... I hope you continue!

Crystal Cook said...

Beautiful painting of the bridge Leslie! I really like the sky, such gorgeous colors. :)

And I'm ROFL about your post! :) I'm five ten and also NEVER been able to do a cartwheel! I always thought there was something seriously wrong with me when I was a kid and I was the ONLY one who couldn't do one. Ah well, I'm a pretty fast runner though. Those long legs are good for something right? ;)

Good luck with your yoga, auction and everything else you have lined up.

Carrie'sCreations said...

Great painting!! Such an iconic image! I too have had a few yoga experiences. I've decided it's not for me! The first time I ever went I had a blind teacher, not sure how she knew I wasn't doing it right, but she did! I went home with the biggest migraine. I think I have a hate/hate relationship with yoga, quieting my mind just doesn't work for me:)

Jane Hunt said...

Love your colors here!
Your post was so funny, hope you stick w/ it - it gets better!

Jerry Stocks said...

Beautiful bridge painting and loved the yoga story. I do yoga once a week, and it keeps me limber.

Dreama Tolle Perry said...

Next time, we want videos of this. I think it would be "must see TV". At least you can't drop a weight on your head during this. Not that I know anyone that has ever happened too...

Love your San Fran piece--amazing how iconic things don't need to be overstated--well done!!

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh!! Yoga is fab and I hope you stick with it, it will be really good for you (slow you down just a tad, if possible) :). Just flew over the golden gate last night...well done.


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