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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Canadian Warmth

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"Canadian Warmth"
Oil, 6" x 6" on canvas panel.
$200.00 unframed.

If I had to pick one thing that reminds me most about this Olympics, it would have to be the wonderful Canadian mittens! Everyone is wearing them in Vancouver and Whistler and I fell in love with them. Early last week I actually found a pair on ebay for close to retail price! They arrived last Thursday and I absolutely love them.
We spent a long weekend up at Stanford and wow! The Cal vs. Stanford swim meet was so exciting. I honestly did not think Stanford could win and it came down to the last event. Stanford pulled it off and the roar in the stands was wonderful. What a great honor to watch our son swim for Stanford!
So we are back home ... watching the Olympics again ... and gearing up for the Pac 10 Swimming Championships in just over a week. Can you tell I love sports? I am a hopeless fan!


Anonymous said...

Your painting is so warm~! I've enjoyed your Olympic inspired pieces very much!

Ann Rogers said...

Love these mittens and also love the fact that you are so "in the zone" for the Olympics. Will admit that we also have been glued to the TV for most events, such great athletes and good, wholesome looking kids as well!

Anonymous said...

A sweet piece! so are these cute mittens for kiddies or for you my dear? (I love wearing mittens :)

Sandy Maudlin said...

YES! What a delightful and invigorating painting. Well done.

Kim Rempel said...

Oh - this is the BEST! I love them too. It speaks to me on a few levels : ) And congrats to your son - a great moment for all of you!

Dreama Tolle Perry said...

Leslie--this is a gem of a painting. Love everything about it! And yeah on Stanford's win!!!

Only 2 more days til the conference call..:)

Sandra Galda said...

Wonderful painting, love the design of the gloves, too! congrads on your son swimming with Stanford! You are right to be proud!!

Anonymous said...

I own a pair of those mittens...and the Canada hat and scarf too. I was in Vancouver this past weekend because my husband is working at the Olympics in Canada's Northern House which represents the three northern territories of Canada.

I was amazed that it was 10C and people where still decked out in their mittens and hats and scarves.

I loved that we would be walking down Robson Street in downtown Vancouver and all of the sudden someone would start singing O Canada! And everyone would join in. ;-)

You did a fun painting.
Shawna from Yellowknife

Marian Fortunati said...

You, see, Leslie... this is why I love your paintings... THOSE MITTENS ARE TERRIFIC... so creative and yet so simple...

LUCKY husband (and sons) to have a mom who also loves sports... Makes for great times together doesn't it???

Linda Popple said...

Love this mitten painting! I like that they are clipped to a tree branch with clothespins. As usual, your colors are rich and the simplicity is perfect. Very nice!

Anne Marie Propst said...

This is so charming. I love it.


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