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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Ten - SOLD

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"Must Be A Sunday"
8" x 10" framed.
The winner of the Ninth Day of Christmas copy of my new book titled "2010- A Year of Boat Paintings" is Wendie Thompson. Congrats! 

The giveaway for the Tenth Day of Christmas is a $100 gift certificate toward the purchase of one of my paintings. To be eligible for the drawing, just go to this page on my website and leave a comment on my blog or Facebook as to which three paintings are your favorites. I am just looking for feedback!

One more thing ... the final two days of The Twelve Days of Christmas are really great giveaways ...


ben wideman said...

Canadian Warmth, Windy Hawaiian Shores, UCLA Reflections.

But really, all of your stuff is brilliant.

martinealison said...

Le ciel est magnifique et j'aime cette parade de bateaux...


hard to pick a favorite but here's a start: August, Sunset Marina, Gone Fishing, Birds of a Feather , Canadian Warmth

Barbara Pask said...

Hard to choose, so many lovely ones. I like "The Front Porch". Watching The Sunset" and "Two Peas in a Pod".

Kathy Cousart said...

oh many that I love- Field of Daffodils is my favorite!!!
also Leaving the Winery and Pink Power! All Things Nice is my favorite in the present series...
Ok. I will stop.

Nancy Laliberte said...

This is tough! There are so many excellent ones, Leslie! My three favorites: Sunset Marina--love, love the mood and harmony of the colors; Under Wraps--love the colors; and Pink Power--love the composition, color and title! ;-)

Unknown said...

two peas in a pod, Shoulder to Shoulder, Must be a Sunday

SCM said...

Gone for A Swim, Middle Child, Getting Ready...Like each for a different reason.

Gone For a Swim reminds me of Louisiana

Middle Child Parrots...colors brilliant

Getting Ready...well I love Christmas decorations that I can set out of hang up with very little fuss with each passing year.

Sharon Lewis said...

Wow Leslie! It's hard to pick just three paintings that I like. I love your boats! Here's my three favorite:
Watching the sunset, The red sail, and August.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to you and Dreama for your wonderful radio show "Artists helping Artists". I've been telling everyone about it!
Happy Holidays

Runwithme said...

Can't wait for the final 2 days! I'll be so sad when this is over :-(

Dee Doyle said...

Across the Bay, Sunset Reflections and Balboa Island streetscape. Oh if I could win again! This email just gopt here in the ELEVENTH day of Christmas. Whatever, have enjoyed the series!


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