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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Monthly Free Painting Giveaway ... It's Back!!!!

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"Stanford Afternoon"
Oil, 6" x 6" 

Yep ... I have decided to bring back the "monthly painting giveaway". I have to be honest ... giving away things for free is just too much fun. I love, love my Birthday Week free giveaways and I had a blast with the Twelve Days of Christmas giveaways. But those only happen in June and December. I guess I just can't wait another six months ...
So, I am giving away a 6" x 6" original painting on February 1st. All you have to do between now and then is click the Facebook LIKE and RECOMMEND buttons on my website. Everytime you share you will be entered in the drawing ... so go to my website and find all of the "share" buttons. There are a lot of them ... and everytime you share you get another chance. If we are not friends on facebook, please friend request me!
And yes, there will be a free giveaway every month ... I promise!


Dreama Tolle Perry said...

I like everything--including the fact that you are giving away a painting just for me liking you:)) and your art of course! Great Stanford painting today. Have you ever thought of painting larger??...tee hee (how's that 30 x 50 coming along?????)

Jerry Stocks said...

Another beautiful Stanford painting--I like it. Am excited about another giveaway. Am selfish enough to want to win this one also.

Cathleen~ said...

lovely idea generous woman who has learned the joy in giving~your work rocks!

Unknown said...

I love your art, colorful, bold, and lively...It makes me smile, thank you


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