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Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Top 2010 Paintings and Goals for 2011

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My Top 2010 Paintings

I thought it might be fun to post my top 2010 paintings ... this is based on blog hits, input from the Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway and of course, my own personal opinion. I'm curious if you agree!

I am also posting my goals for the year. Last year (2010) was a great year for me and my family and a wonderful year for my art. We'll see where 2011 leads us ... Happy New Year!

2011 Goals
  • Continue to share my #1 Marketing Tip for the year - "Always Help Your Fellow Artists".
  • Paint ahead. 
  • Expand the subject matter of my paintings by selecting a “theme of the month” to paint. 
    • Create a photographic area in my studio that allows me to photograph my paintings in a consistent manner. Include in all blog posts a “close up” photo of each painting.
    • Create a 2011 marketing plan.  This includes “birthday giveaway” and “12 Days of Christmas” promotions as well as my monthly newsletter.
    • Art Licensing – set goals and pursue every month. 
    • Demo videos – film at least once a week. Create and post a video every month.
    • Create a “First Monday” schedule that will be done the first Monday of each month.  This checklist will help me keep up to date with website and blog uploads, press releases, testimonials, workshops, sales, imagekind uploads, etc.
    • Set up a Shipping and Packing area in my studio to simplify the shipping process.
    • Create a year-long exhibition schedule based on 2010 experiences. Schedule paintings accordingly. Enter at least 10 exhibitions.
    • Continue taking classes and workshops from artists I admire.  
    • Schedule solo and group exhibitions for the entire year.
    • Develop and teach six palette knife painting workshops.
    • Paint plein air AT LEAST once a week. Also take a plein air “painting trip”.
    • Develop a “client appreciation” program for the year.
    • Add 20 new contacts to my mailing list every month.
    • Create a video for my blog and website at least once a month (in addition to demo blog). Use videos to promote my art.
    • Offer at least two on-line marketing classes.
      • Promote “Artists Helping Artists” and expand weekly listeners to 2000.
      • Sell 25% more art than the previous year in 2010.


      Ann Rogers said...

      Wow, that's quite ambitious, but am sure it's doable for you. Good luck in your goals and thanks for listing them and encouraging others to set higher standards in their artwork as well. Happy 2011!

      Angela said...

      Great goals Leslie! It will be a lot of fun watching you reach and exceed them I'm sure! I really appreciate what you and Dreama are doing with the Artists Helping Artists blog. I look forward to the show every week! Happy New Year!

      Marian Fortunati said...

      You are amazing, Leslie!

      fine art shipping said...

      I was grateful to see your paintings, I love seeing your top 2010 set of wonderful paintings.

      Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

      I couldn't achieve those goals if I did NOTHING else!!! :) But YOU are a powerhouse, and you'll probably achieve them all. I want to thank you for your generosity over the past year since I've 'known' you. When I feel I can't do it I think "Leslie could - she'd just plow ahead and DO it!". May 2011 bring you much joy and contentment!

      Jerry Stocks said...

      I especially love your top 2010 paintings and more especially since one of them is the one I won on the 12th day. I'm a very lucky girl. Thanks for your generosity in everything you do.

      Sam Johnson said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
      Sam Johnson said...

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      Sam Johnson said...

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