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Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm Stuck in the Carriage House and Can't Get Out!

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"Stuck at the Dock"
Oil, 8" x 10" on museum quality panel.
$400.00 with display easel.
OK, so maybe I have exaggerated a bit. Truthfully, I have been in my studio in the Carriage House since 8am this morning. And they won't let me in my house. "They" are actually a production company filming a commercial in my house. It's for a seasoning company and they are filming a Thanksgiving themed commercial in my kitchen and dining room. Would you believe it takes 9 turkeys to film a 30 second commercial? And about 60 crew and seven trucks? And 14 hours ... for a 30 second commercial that I will probably fast forward and not watch anyway ... 
But there could be a big bonus when they "wrap" today. I am hoping if I hang around in the front yard and look really hungry when they leave they might just leave me one of the turkeys. And/or one of the five pans of stuffing. And/or one of the 11 pies. OK, at least maybe some cranberry sauce. Because ... since they have been in my kitchen all day ... there is no way I can cook dinner tonight. I am thinking a good ol' fashioned Thanksgiving dinner tonight would be really yummy. Maybe I could even pretend I cooked it myself.
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