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Monday, September 12, 2011

Alaska Boats - SOLD

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"Alaska Boats"
Oil, 6" x 6" on canvas panel.

I spent all weekend trying to "find a home" for all of the "stuff" that used to be stored in the Carriage House. If you remember the before photos, then you know how much "stuff ... aka junk" was in there. I have already had a ton of it hauled away (including about 25 cans filled with old paint) but there is still more that needs to find a home! Many items were picked up by friends, donated and given to my contractor! I honestly hope that by the end of this week the area behind the Carriage House will be looking clean and good again!
I have a very serious goal to paint every day in my new studio. I would love to "get ahead" so we'll see if  can use the morning house like I am supposed to do! I am teaching next week with Dreama so I do need to see if I can get ahead of schedule. Plus, I have to plan the two menus for the gourmet dinners Drama and I are cooking for our students. Did I mention, that means we are cooking dinner for 30??? What were we thinking????
I also have four Marketing Consultations this week ...
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