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Sunday, December 23, 2012

12 Days of Christmas - Day Eleven Giveaway

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Wow, only one day until my Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway is over! I can't believe it. And, I survived our party. Now that's good news! I can't wait to get in my studio and start painting again.
Some of you may have heard about my "30 Paintings in 30 Days" challenge. It starts on January 2nd and for any of you that are interested in joining me, we are going to paint 30 paintings in 30 days! You will even be able to post your painting on my blog if you choose to participate. It will be fun and it is a fantastic way to start of the new year. I think it's a great chance to try some new things and also get in the habit of painting more often. Think about it. Give it a try. What's the worst thing that can happen? Perhaps you paint 15 paintings and after 15 days you can't continue. At least you will have painted 15! 

Some of you are putting together a theme for your thirty paintings. That's great. You can also just choose a size and paint that size every day. Or paint 30 value studies. Maybe you will paint 30 larger versions of paintings you have already done. Or paint 30 paintings that each represent a month of the year (then you can print a 2013 calendar right away!) Maybe you want to paint the same painting but just vary it each day. It's up to you! Just make sure you are ready by the 2nd of January ...

Yesterday's giveaway was fun and I loved reading all of your posts about the one things you would like to learn. There were lots of techniques mentioned, as well as art marketing. Be sure to visit my blog from yesterday and read all of the posts. And if you did submit an entry, be sure to think about adding your "wish" to your goals list for 2013. I bet it's not that hard to accomplish.

Today's Giveaway for the 10th Day of Christmas is a webinARTs course. It's a month long course and will prove to be very valuable for all of you! If you don't win, be sure to use the "save25" discount code before December 31st to save $25 on the January webinARTs course because it will expire! 

To qualify for the 11th Day Giveaway all you need to do is post a link below of someone else's painting that you love. Be sure you link to their blog for everyone to enjoy!

The winner of the Day 10 free workshop giveaway is Joan Funk. Congrats! Be sure to email me your contact information so we can get you all signed up for one of my workshops.

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