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Friday, December 7, 2012

An Inside Look at My webinARTs Course

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My next webinARTs course starts in January. The course is for artists who want to learn how to sell more art by understanding how to sell it on-line. The class teaches you exactly how to build a website, blog, Facebook page and newsletter. If you already have all or some of these, the class also teaches you how to do them better and sell more art.
I have decided to release one of the 76 videos included in the webinARTs Marketing 101course so you can see exactly what taking a webinARTs course is like! Each class has three to four videos and there are 20 classes in the course. Since the course is on-line you can follow it at your own pace. You will have access to a private blog where the classes are posted and can post all of your questions on the blog. Since you have access to the private blog for a year, you can go back and re-watch the videos in case you forget how to do any of the things taught in the course.
This is one of the ten videos included in the classes about blogging. At this point in the class all of the students have already learned how to build their own art website. And everything shown is presented in more detail in future videos. Just click on the triangle on the bottom left side to view the video.

If you take the webinARTs class you will learn how to build a website, develop a blog, sell on Facebook, manage and enhance photos, build videos, create a newsletter and tons more! 

To learn more and sign up go to

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