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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Give a Little ...

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"One Fish, Two Fish ..."
 Oil, 12" x 12 on canvas panel.

I painted this painting for an Art Benefit that will be hosted by my favorite Pasadena restaurant, Gale's Restaurant. The benefit is for animals and I thought it would be fun to paint some koi. 

Speaking of charity events, I wanted to remind you all that donating a painting to a good cause can actually be a  good thing for your art career. I am frequently approached to donate my art to charity auctions. As much as I would like to donate to every request, I receive about 40 - 50 requests every year. So I usually donate my paintings to organizations that I am personally involved with. (This keeps my donations to around 10 paintings a year). I recently donated a painting to an art auction for an organization here in Pasadena. I am on the Board of this organization and I gladly donated the painting to support their annual Benefit. 

This afternoon I received an email from a woman interested in four of my paintings. She inquired about setting an appointment to visit my studio to see these paintings in person. I asked her how she heard about me (as I always want to support my galleries in case the referral came from one of them). She responded that she had been outbid on my painting last night at the Benefit and went home and looked me up and found my website! I guess I never imagined that my donation could lead to a new collector so quickly. Who would have thought ...

So, my point, in case you haven't figured it out, is that we all have a wonderful opportunity to help organizations by donating our art. Even if you only donate one painting a year, you can help in a big way! As an added surprise, when you give a little good things can happen to your art career. Especially when you never expect them! 

I am starting another webinARTs 101 class in the beginning of March. If you want to redo your website, blog, FB Fanpage and newsletter, then this class is for you. So many of the artists that have taken my class are experiencing new sales and success and I am thrilled! It take hard work but I can't even begin to tell you how amazing their new websites and improved blogs are! You can sign up here for the next class.

I also have added two new workshops this year. I will be teaching in Indianapolis March 26 - 27 and in Charlotte October 30 - November 1st. Also there is one spot open in my May workshop so sign up soon if you want to study with me in the Carriage House! It's a great Mother's Day gift!

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