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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The 12 Days of Christmas - Day 5

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I am stunned with the response to my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. I am so inspired by your paintings from Day 1, your studio tips on Day 2, the artists that inspire you most on Day 3, and your awesome ideas for an AHA show on Day 4. If you have missed any of these be sure and go to my blog posts and check out all of this wonderful information. I love the fact that we are sharing resources and I think today's posts will continue to inspire us all! Plus it's always fun to giveaway stuff!

First off, I need to announce the winner of the Day Four 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. Congratulations to Meredith Alder who was the winner of the Marketing Consultation! Just email me Meredith and we will get you all set up. Thanks to everyone for submitting over 100 ideas for show topics for the AHA radio shopw. I am set!

Today's giveaway is one of my 2014 Calendars. It's a wall calendar and features 12 of my paintings.

All you have to do to be eligible for this prize is to share here on my blog (or on my facebook page) what you consider to be your greatest accomplishment this year. Ideally, I am hoping it will be related to your art career, but we will see!

Finally, if you went to the trouble on Day 1 and 2 to select a photo of your favorite painting and your studio, be sure to post these photos on Facebook, your blog and your website. Photos are a great way to tell your followers more about you and your art!

Check out my upcoming palette knife painting workshops. I have space in my workshop this January 14th - 16th in South Pasadena. 

Check out my new remodel blog for our new beach house in Ventura, Ca. I am now teaching workshops at the beach. Come stay and paint with me! I have workshops scheduled in the next twelve months in South Pasadena, Ventura Beach, Newport Beach, Charlotte, NC, and Atlanta, Ga. Click here for more information!


Autumn Leaves said...

My greatest accomplishment are my daughters. But art wise? I think it was when my oldest daughter (almost 30) was looking at one of my oil paintings (I tend to stick to watercolors, generally) and told me that she thought it was my best painting ever. Considering she is a phenomenal artist, it sure made my day to hear it!

Marion said...

I think my greatest accomplishment this year was completing the 30 in 30 challenge last January.

Elaine Ford said...

My greatest accomplishment this year was stretching out to try some new mediums and projects. I made a large collage piece with paper, fabric, sewing, and a little painting. It was also one of the first things that I have done totally out of my head, not by looking at a photo or another's work for inspiration. It's called Champagne and Brandy.

Maiken Damsgaard said...

greatest accomplishment this year is being able to go to work again, after suffering from depression.
Art wise it must be my drawing of two zebras on black paper.

Marcela Strasdas said...

My greatest accomplishment this year was completing the Sep 30 in 30, for sure!

Susan Garriques said...

Most definitely the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge in January. It was amazing.

Nancy Standlee said...

I illustrated a book of beach poetry,Dreams of the Turtle King, written by Denise Bossarte and available on Amazon. There were 24 watercolor illustrations and I used some of them in the 2nd LS 30/30 in September. Some of the originals are still available on my gallery at Daily Paintworks.

cj roughton said...


Unknown said...

I made my first sales this Autumn, three paintings sold online and I am stoked :)


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