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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Great Day - SOLD

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"A Great Day"
Oil, 6" x 6" on museum quality panel. 
Today was a great day. Two more wonderful artists signed up for our September workshop so we are almost full. Plus my October workshop in Newport Beach is full and I am currently scheduling two more workshops for the first quarter of 2011. Now if I could just focus a bit of time on tomorrow's "Artists Helping Artists" radio show!
Speaking of which ... the show (which is only a few months old) has had a huge impact on my art. Because each show requires a lot of research and planning I am finding that I am way more organized and ahead in my marketing efforts. Every week as Dreama and I get ready for the show (and it takes hours and hours ...) we marvel at how much we are learning. I am also so thankful for the hundreds of artists I have met through the show and for all of the great input you have all provided. We are currently scheduling all of our shows for next quarter (and that is sixteen shows ... yikes!) and I am really excited about the interesting topics and great artists we will have on the show. Next week's show is titled "Stop Procrastinating and Update Your Artist's Statement". After the show I promise this will be a painless task for everyone! And that even includes those of you that don;t have an artist's statement.
Also, this week Dreama and I announced the "Monthly Painting Challenge" and I hope you will all participate. Each month we ask that you submit a painting (any medium) that fits within the theme of the upcoming month! So even though we all want summer to last forever, it's time to start thinking about a painting titled "September!


Marian Fortunati said...

How exciting!! You are both amazing!!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

If I wasn't hosting a Carol Marine Workshop at MY studio I'd have signed up, too! Hoping you'll have another one next year with Dreama!

I'm ever so grateful for your radio show, it not only gets me motivated and feeling confident, I feel like I've been introduced to a zillion other artists out there toiling happily away like me!

Thank you guys...

sarah meredith said...

I love your vibrant work! Is your radio show available online anywhere?


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