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Sunday, August 1, 2010


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Oil, 6" x 8" on museum quality canvas panel
$200.00 - On Hold.

I set another goal this month. Oddly enough most of the "art goals" I set at the beginning of the year are crossed off my list, so I decided it was time to add a few more. (I know, it's a huge character flaw that I can't just let things be ...) I am going to publish a calendar sometime (maybe 2011 or 2012) so I have vowed to paint a painting on the first day of the month. Hence the clever name "August" for today's post! And if I like the painting, it may just well end up on the calendar for that month too!
I am trying to "get ahead" on my painting although I know that is very unlikely to happen soon. I will be at the swimming national championships this week and so painting time will be sparse. Hopefully I can get back up to my studio and finish another one later tonight. I hope to have more than two paintings to post this month!


Kelley Sanford said...

Nice color work. Love that minty green in the boat.

Carol Blackburn said...

Lovely one, Leslie. I love looking at your work close-up. Onward with that goal.......Sounds like a name for this boat of yours.

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Leslie, this painting is just perfect. You have portrayed the texture of the wooden planking so well with your knife strokes, and the wear on this little boat is apparent. The colors are wonderful, the yellow light of the water and sky mirrored on the boat. I would say this is a GO for the calendar.

Cynnie said...

yes, really...this will make the calendar cut I am sure :)
Just wonderful!!!

Rachel Rolseth said...

That green in breathtaking and the texture is amazing. Good work and good luck with the calendar!

Marian Fortunati said...

Ooooooohhhh I LIKE August!!! I think the subtleness of it makes it stand out from all of your boat paintings!!


Gwen Bell said...

You have so many luscious blues and greens in this one and I love the bits of yellow/orange on the underside of the boat. The creamy inside pulls everything together so beautifully. Really terrific work, Leslie!

Good luck on your swim competition!

Karen said...

serene and beautiful colors!
I love the calendar idea!


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