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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hawaiian Sun Reflections

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"Hawaiian Sun Reflections
Oil, 8" x 10" on museum quality canvas panel.
$400.00 with display easel.
I am back from dropping my son off at Stanford and I think he is going to have an incredible year. His suite is amazing, his roommates are great (they are all of his teammates) and he is in a great place with his swimming. And oh yeah, I think he has some good classes this quarter. College is such an amazing time in your life and I must admit ... I want to go back! It seems like he is going to have so much fun ... and I am jealous. I guess it is time for me to grow up ...
I have a very busy week ahead. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Dreama arrives on Wednesday and we teach our workshop Thursday - Sunday. I already have the "gourmet" meals planned for our workshop students on Thursday and Friday night. Hopefully they will enjoy the seared ahi, crab cakes, grilled steak, smoked salmon, grilled chicken and mud pie. I know I am going a bit overboard but I just want to m make sure there is something that everyone will like! I doubt we will go hungry.
I painted all day today. I am heading to Hawaii in a week and a half and thought it would be fun to paint in anticipation for my trip. Gotta love the color of that water!


LindaHunt said...

Wonderful painting...somewhat different than other works I have admired. Your color is outstanding!!

Dreama Tolle Perry said...

Very dreamy piece. Can't wait to see you!

Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

Great piece! Makes me want to take a vacation:) Great idea to paint an anticipatory painting. Have fun with your work shop, I'm sure everyone will have a blast:)

Gabe said...

bellisimi colori,paesaggio da sogno ,ciao buona giornata

Nancy Goldman said...

Hi Leslie, I really like this one, especially the warmth in the sky. I can't wait for the dinners, um, I mean workshop this week. See you Thursday.


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