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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Workshop - Day Three

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Workshop attendees (not listed in order): Nancy Goldman, Kadija Behairy, Fiddy Hakim, Julie Regan, Christine Benz, Carole Gentile, Jane  Copper, Lois Olsen, Sue Feldmeth, Jerry Stocks, Teressa Sliger, Stevie Denny, Carol O'Toole, Linda Phillips, Theresa Paden, Beverly Koldon, Joyce Dodd Harcharik, Gail Alexander, Dina Adamson, Susan Drake (not pictured), Drama Tolle Perry and Leslie Saeta. 

Randy Higbee from Art & Frame Company shows how his "floater frames" work perfectly for canvas panel paintings.
The third day of our workshop started off with a very fun painting exercise! I won't give out all of the details, but all I can tell you is that the group finished 19 paintings in 40 minutes! And they were all wonderful! And yes, I should probably mention that seven of them were painted upside down yet you could not tell which ones they were ...
Our group then broke off and painted yet another beautiful painting (if you are counting, that means they are on painting #4!) and Dreama and I each had a lot of time to spend with each artist individually. The paintings were beautiful. That reminds me, if anyone has pictures of the 19 finished paintings or any of the paintings competed that afternoon, please send them to me. Thanks!
Later in the afternoon we had a wonderful visit from Randy Higbee from Art & Frame Company. Randy showed us all his wonderful floater frames and then offered great prices to the class on the many, many frames he brought with him. So many of us took home finished paintings in beautiful frames!


Anonymous said...

Looks like such a lovely group...and I am sure they all produced fantastic pieces! Frames! I bet they are all just sitting back admiring their works!

Jerry Stocks said...

What a glorious three days of painting!! I am so glad I was able to attend.

Debbi Smith Rourke said...

Heard from Jane Copper that she and Lois had a great time. Met them at a Carol Marine workshop in Santa Fe then they came to Austin and we had a Laurel Daniel workshop here. And a dinner at my home. So I know about all the organization that goes into planning these. Thankfully I wasn't teaching - just enjoying and learning.


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