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Friday, May 20, 2011

Color Reflections

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"Color Reflections"
Oil, 12" x 12"
I participated in the Balboa ArtWalk last Sunday which is a one day, very high quality art show that takes place on Balboa Island. The weather started out a pretty bad in the morning (as in pouring down rain ...) but by 9:15 the sun was out and we all decided to make it a day.
I am so glad I did as the art sales were fantastic and I met a lot of great people and artists. This was only my second year in the ArtWalk but I decided to paint a demo while working my booth ... I mean ... why not? It caused a lot of people to stop and watch so in the end it was a very wise decision. I painted this bright but fun painting while talking to hundreds of people that stopped by my booth. It's from a photo I have used before but once again I decided to change up the colors. (The actual boats are white and dark purple.) I actually used this photo for a demo in my Atlanta workshop so there are a few more paintings of this scene out there .... I know!

The day was so sunny that I painted the entire painting with my sunglasses on. That's a big no-no in the art world but I think I got lucky. The hardest part about painting in front of a group of people is the beginning ... when the canvas looks pretty awful and mot much is going on. I tried to paint quickly in the beginning but still had to stop and talk to everyone about my art. I laughed when a couple came back just to see my progress and commented "Wow, you really did make that in to a nice painting!". They did seem a bit surprised ...

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