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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crazy Days ...

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"Sunset Marina"
Oil, 24" x 24" framed
Available at Balboa Art Walk
Sunday, May 15th

Many of you will be surprised to know that I am in charge of a huge school event that takes place this Friday (kidding ... about the "being surprised part"). There are tons of amazing volunteers that  are in charge of the events and my big job is the Silent Auction. It's a huge project and for those who have ever been involved in coordinating an auction ... you know what I mean. So ... 94 auction items later and hundreds of hours later ... I am just about ready ... well almost ready ...
Once I survive this event then I move on to next week. And it gets worse. I have a two day workshop on Friday and Saturday, which includes a dinner at my home on Friday night for my students. Then my husband and I are hosting the "after prom" party for our boys on Saturday night.  Then ... on Sunday ... I am showing at the Balboa Art Walk which means I need to head out on Sunday morning at about 6:00 am. So ... if I survive the next 10 days it will be a miracle ...
Needless to say,  I haven't had a lot of time at my easel this week. The painting listed here will be one of the many paintings I will be showing at the Balboa Art Walk. Assuming I am still awake for the event!

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