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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Thinking Outside of the Box"

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Oil, 11" x 14" on museum quality panel.
Every four years we get a free day. Tomorrow is February 29th and technically it's the extra day added to the calendar every fourth year.

So why not use this free day to do something really great for your art? I am calling it "Think Outside the Box Day". Take a minute to pick something to do to take your art to the next level. Maybe it's just getting out of your studio to paint plein air. Perhaps it's creating a Facebook Fan Page. Or signing up for Pinterest. Maybe you should head to your studio to paint an entirely different way or an entirely different subject. Why not write a newsletter? You could publish an art book of your favorite paintings from last year. Enter an Art Exhibition or contest on line. Or maybe you just need to get organized and clean up your studio. Whatever you choose to do, just have fun and enjoy your "extra day".  

I suggest you spend the day tomorrow doing something different to boost your art career. Why not? It only comes around once every four years so think outside of the box!
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