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Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday Confession

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Birthday Boats # 11
Although it seems as if I have been celebrating my 50th birthday for a month, now that the day is actually here I need to come clean about something. The photo of me on my blog is not current. When I set up my blog I couldn't find a current photo (that I liked) so the one I picked is from a wedding that we hosted here ... about eight years ago. So ... to all of you who keep saying "Wow ... you don't look like you are fifty" I need to let you know that I really do look like I am 50!
I am also petrified that if I meet any of you sometime you will think "Wow ... she looks a lot older!" OK, no more birthday confessions. Back to the studio to paint!


Anonymous said...

Hey Leslie, you know what they say about beauty... Great paintings as always.

Anonymous said...

and you go a lot deeper girl from what I read on your blog and how much you do for those around you, so i think i for one would recognise you

Leslie Saeta said...

Thanks Rahina. You are too kind!

Carolina said...

Leslie! I hope you had (or will have-->I don't know the exact date of your bday!) a great birthday!

Leslie Saeta said...

It is today, so thank you!

Melinda said...

Happy bday, Leslie! I'm not sure what 50 is supposed to look like, but I think that you probably don't really LOOK fifty because it just isn't that old anymore!

Besides, art will always keep you young.

Vicki Shuck said...

Happy birthday, Leslie! Welcome to the 50's--it's great in my opinion! It's the decade in which we really grow in our art, right? Lovely light in your paintings. . .they feel like early summer to me.

Sandra Galda said...

Happy Birthday!!!! What a special day!

Marian Fortunati said...

Guess I'll find out TOMORROW!! (LOL) It's for sure that I don't look 50... so everybody younger looks great to me.

Looking forward to meeting you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY (finally). My daughter's (our baby) birthday is TODAY. She's freaking out because she's turning 30. ...
Frankly it's good to be any age.

laura said...

I'm sure you still look grand, as you do in your photo! A beautiful California girl.
I'm going to turn 50 in December ... and haven't had a "good" picture taken of me in about five years (and I used to be called "photogenic")--about the same time people stopped saying, when I told them age, "You don't look it."


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