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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Intense Color

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Birthday Boats #26
This is a quaint scene from Marina Del Rey, although the colors remind me of Portofino, Italy. I like the contract between the boat and the the buildings in the back. I made the colors intense on purpose, thought it had more impact aht way.


Christine's Arts said...

You are right about the impact here. well done. good composition on the watercolor below too. And, sorry to here about your bad day last Friday! ouch! hope things have turned around since. blessings and good vibes are being sent your way. >>>>>>

Vicki Shuck said...

Beautiful as always! It seems like the bright color puts more emphasis on the good composition. . .CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME TO DAILY PAINTERS GALLERY!!

Leslie Saeta said...

Christine - Thanks for your comments. things have turned around ... thank goodness!

Leslie Saeta said...

Vicki - Good point about the color. And yes, I just got the email about Daily Painters Gallery. I am thrilled! Now I just have to figure out what I need to do ...

Karen Bruson said...

Leslie, I do like the intense colors, especially the pinks.

Karen said...

I can't believe your day the other day! :( I hope you are all recovered, at least feeling better?
And then the fun to see you try this! Don't you find that shaking it up like that creates insight into your usual work.
It's good to be back and see what's happening over here!


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