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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Five Meter

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"5 Meter"
Oil, 6" x 6" on canvas panel

I was asked by a friend if I would donate a painting for the upcoming Rose Bowl Aquatics Water Polo fundraiser and auction. Although I am not involved with the organization, my boys do play water polo and I am a huge fan of the sport. Of course it would have been easy to just donate one of my "boat paintings" but I thought I should try to paint something that might be more appropriate for water polo families. So as I was sitting at my boys water polo game yesterday afternoon I decided I needed to come up with something fun.

This was a quick one ... because I am TOO BUSY WITH COMMISSIONS ... but I really had fun painting it. Originally I painted the hand in the shadow but it was way too dark. So I redid it this morning. And I had no idea that hands were so hard to paint! Yikes!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good News

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"Castle Green"
12" x 12" on canvas panel.

I recently found out that I was awarded second place for my painting "Castle Green" in the Pasadena Playhouse District ARTWalk competition. The ARTWalk is next Saturday, October 10th from 11:00am - 5:00pm. I will be in booth #29 and will have 25 works on display. The ARTWalk will be located on El Molino just south of Colorado Blvd. If you are in town, please stop by!
The ARTWalk will always be special to me. Last year I entered and won Honorable Mention for my painting titled "Any Day But New Years". That show was my first art show! I remember how nervous I was and shocked that I had won a prize. I think that show gave me the confidence to keep painting ... and to sell my artwork!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sailing Along

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"Sailing Along"
Oil, 6" x 6" on canvas panel.
$200 unframed.

I know I spent a lot of time on my blog yesterday reminiscing about this past year and how much I have enjoyed my new "art passion". Art is such an amazing part of my life now and even on the bad days (when my paintings are awful ...) I still love it!
I must be in some kind of a nesting phase because I have spent a lot of time this past week organizing my studio, frames, cabinets ... just about everything. This past year I have printed note cards of my artwork and last night I discovered I actually have 37 different paintings on note cards. Maybe I should stop for a while (although I order them for free on and just pay for shipping)! A bit excessive I am afraid!
But I am happily re-organized and I even filed all of my inspiration photos by category (yes ... I admit that I am an "A" type personality). The boys will be on school trips next week so I do hope I can bury myself in my studio and produce a lot of paintings while they are gone.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Early Sunday Afternoon

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"Early Sunday Afternoon"
Oil, 6" x 6" on canvas panel.

I went and saw the movie "Julie and Julia" today. I read the book five years ago and I remember at the time thinking to myself "what is a blog?". I feel a bit like the character Julie in the movie when I think of how much my life has changed this year. And it is really due in large part to my blog.
When I sat down last December and created my blog "Painting is my Passion" I did it because I wanted to paint more. I decided to create a blog to make myself paint (and post) at least five paintings a week. When you consider that in 2008 I had only painted a total of 25 paintings, this was a pretty lofty goal. But I felt like I needed to try something radical to see if I should take my art more seriously.
Here I am ten months later. And my how things have changed! I have posted 157 paintings on my blog and sold 61 paintings so far this year. I even send out a monthly newsletter to 527 contacts, many of whom I still had never met. How odd to think that none of this would have happened had it not been for my blog!
So thank you to all of you who have encouraged me, said nice things about even my paintings that weren't that great (oh yes, I know which ones those are) and of course, thanks to those of you who have purchased my paintings. What a difference this year has made! I am now officially what one might call "an artist"! Thanks to you!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

All in a Row

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"All in a Row"
Oil, 6" x 6"
$150.00 unframed.

It was 108 degrees in Pasadena today so I was fortunate to be able to spend all day in my studio. I am working on finishing up some commission pieces but was able to get this one finished very quickly! More painting tomorrow (and a baseball game!)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Heading to the Beach

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"Heading to the Beach"
Oil, 8" x 6" on canvas panel.
$200.00 unframed.

I need to finish five Hawaii paintings by mid October and this is only the first. I love the colors, although it doesn't look like my photo came out that well. It looks much better in person! Maybe I will try to take another one.
I was lucky enough to be awarded the Kreativ Blogger award by Bobbi Heath. I am really touched that she passed on this award! You can find her blog here.

So ... this award requires me to tell you seven fun things about myself so here I go ...
1. I am crazy when it comes to multi-tasking. My latest trick? I listen to books on tape while I oil paint.
2. I am 5'11" tall (so that is at least 1/2 the reason why my boys are so tall ...).
3. I have four brothers and sisters.
4. I painted my first oil painting in 2005.
5. I have been in two emergency landings (both on American Airlines).
6. I love sports. My favorite tv channel is ESPN and I love Sportscenter. But my favorite tv show is and will always be ... Project Runway. Yes ... in my next life I will be a fashion designer ...
7. I truly believe I was put on this earth to be a mom. It is by far the best job in the world.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Beach Club

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"The Beach Club"
8" x 10", on canvas panel.
$300 unframed

While we were on our wonderful motor boat ride in Hvar, Croatia we passed a tiny island and saw this adorable "beach club". I was immediately enamored with the three green umbrellas and thought it was funny that no one was there! Perhaps we should have stopped and spent the day there!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Just Outside of Dubrovnik

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"Just Outside of Dubrovnik"
Oil, 6" x 6" on canvas panel.

I am still having fun painting pictures from our trip to Europe. Croatia was such a magical place. Unfortunately we had a bad experience once we took the tender into Dubrovnik. On the day we were there ... two other ships were also in port that each held 3000 passengers. So the town was ridiculously crowded and the heat was at least 95 degrees! But the little bay had some beautiful boats and I was able to capture this photo. It sure looks a lot more peaceful in my photo! Our favorite sight heading back to the ship was a water polo court in the ocean ... we even saw a team practicing.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boats at Hvar

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"Boats at Hvar"
6" x 6" on canvas panel.

It seems as if I have been on the road forever ... but I am pleased to say that we are now home for a long time! Our oldest is all "tucked away" at college and now I am back in my studio!
One of my favorite stops on our cruise was in Hvar, Croatia. It is truly a beautiful spot and I took hundreds of pictures of boats. The water was so blue and clear so we took a small boat ride around the many outside islands. Enjoy!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Stanford Bound

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"Stanford Bound"
8" x 8", Oil on canvas panel.

We are moving our oldest son into his college dorm this weekend. Technically he already left for college ... as he has been gone this entire week at a training camp in Baton Rouge (with the swim team). He flies in on Sunday and we will get him settled and then say goodbye ... It is hard to accept but we are so excited for him and I am sure he will have the experience of a lifetime.
It seemed appropriate to paint something from the Stanford campus today. This is Hoover Tower and I am sure my son will get to know this view well in no time.
Fortunately we have already had a week to get use to him being gone so I do hope that I am over the teary stage and can instead be excited for him. Wishful thinking I am afraid ...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eiffel Tower II

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Eiffel Tower II
8" x 6", Oil on canvas panel.

I wanted to give the Eiffel another try so I used this slightly different vantage point. Gotta love those greens! And I swear, the water really did look this green!
Don't forget that I will donate 50% of all proceeds for any paintings sold this month to the Avon Breast Cancer Fund. The Avon walk is this Saturday. It is 26 miles but it shouldn't be too bad. I am on a great team of wonderful women, Speedo For the Cure, and so far our team has raised almost $60,000! Yippee!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eiffel Tower

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"Eiffel Tower"
6" x 6", Oil on canvas panel.

After flying 12 hours to Paris, we checked in to our hotel and went directly to the Eiffel tower to take a four hour bike tour of the city. It was wonderful, and served as a great way to deal with jet lag and no sleep! Our guide explained to us that there was a competition to determine the design for what eventually became the Eiffel Tower. Would you believe second place was a guillotine? Now that would have been a weird Paris landmark!

I am finally back at my easel after spending the last week getting organized. Sorry to be gone so long!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Think Pink!

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"Waiting Side By Side"
Oil, 6" x 6"
$150 unframed.

Next weekend I am participating in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. I will walk 26 miles on Saturday as I attempt to raise money for this amazing cause. In my efforts to raise money, I am donating 50% of all of the proceeds of my art sales during the month of September. I lost a dear friend to breast cancer a few years ago and I hope I can make a small dent in helping rid us of this terrible killer of our mothers, daughters and friends. So please think of my poor feet next Saturday!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Home At Last!

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"The Red Boat"
8" x 6", Oil on canvas panel.
We have returned from our amazing trip to Europe. We visited France, Italy, Greece and Croatia. It was the trip of a lifetime and we will always remember the time the five of us spent together in these amazing countries.
I am still getting organized (I have almost 1000 photos) and am getting my oldest off to college this weekend. I can't believe he is heading off ... yikes!
I am posting this painting but it was for a commission, it is not one of my Europe paintings yet. Those should start tomorrow ... I promise!


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