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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Painting Silver

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"Ready for Tea"
Oil, 12" x 12". Click here to purchase.

"Life is Just a ..."
Oil, 12" x 12". Click here to purchase.

I have been teaching Monday Open Studios for over a year now and I love the experience. They are more informal that my three-day workshops and each Monday has a pre-determined theme. The themes have included painting boats, painting larger paintings, painting fresh flowers, painting street scenes, etc. This year I am teaching 16 Monday Open Studios and I think I have about 12 different themes.
Yesterday's theme was "painting silver". You might think this was an odd theme but since painting silver is really just painting reflections, it might make more sense. If you know me well, I LOVE to paint reflections.
I went through my silver collection and found quite a few items that I thought might make a good still life set up. Of course, they all needed polishing ... ugh.

I took about 30 different photos of the items in the photo above and finally settled on two simplified  arrangements which included a bowl full of cherries and three of my sterling silver Rose Point spoons. All of the class finished the silver bowl painting and I must say, their paintings are amazing!

I finished my "three spoons" painting after the class was over.  We only had 7 hours to paint which included lunch! We had a great time and we were all pleased with our completed paintings.

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