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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Garriage House Workshop Studio Construction - Day One

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The Carriage House (looks great on the outside ... but not in the inside)
So ... my summer project has finally begun! A few months ago I suggested to my darling husband that I turn our unused Carriage House in to an art workshop studio. He thought it was a great idea and needless to say I have been planning all summer. Although this post is titled "Day One", I forgot to mention the fact that I have been cleaning and organizing all of the "stuff" aka "junk" for days. So it is really "day three".
The "Before" Shot ... too much junk ...

All cleaned out ... ready to start ...

They started taking out the ceiling in the Carriage House ... this will really open it up!
There is a low ceiling in the carriage house that we are taking out so that the peaked roof will be featured. I can't wait to see this when it is all opened! I am also paining the dark wood ... this will be such a dramatic change ... I can't wait.

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