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Sunday, May 5, 2013

30 Marketing Ideas in 30 Days - Day 5

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"Perfect Day"
Oil, 12" x 12" on canvas panel.
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The Day Five Challenge is to create a collage featuring some your paintings. If you follow my blog or Facebook page you know that I post collages all of the time. In fact the collage featured below was created as the banner for this Challenge. All of the pictures in this collage pertain to marketing but most of the collages I have created feature my paintings. 

To create a collage go to the website ipiccy and click on "collage". Your collage can include two pictures or 30, it's up to you! It is so easy and when you are done you just need to save the collage to your computer. You can add text as I have done here by adding a frame and adding space for a caption.  
Once you have finished creating your collage post it on Facebook and share it in a blog post. Also add the collage here on my blog and include a link to your website or blog. 
In case you are interested, I added numbers to the collage to clarify what each photo represents:
1.  Postcard promoting my paintings.
2.  Postcard that says "Thank You" on the front. I enclose it with my paintings and it offers a discount on future paintings.
3.  The logo I created on for he AHA show.
4.  Spiral notebooks from that I use as giveaways.
5.  One of the pages (September_ from my yearly calendar.
6. Postcard featuring all of my workshops and dates.
7. The "January" page from my calendar.
8. The front of my business card.
9. The inside of the color three-fold brochure I made on
10. The on-line photo badge I created featuring the embroidered AHA aprons for sale. (If you don't have one you should get one!)
11. Postcard promoting Leslie Saeta Fine Art.
12. The outside of my color three-fold brochure.
13. The front page of my blog.
14.  Postcard promoting my on-line webinARTs classes.
15. The full color printed folders used for my workshop handouts.
16. A collage created to highlight some of my paintings.
17. The on-line photo badge created to promote my Cyber Sale event.
18. My Facebook Timeline page.
19. Keychains printed at to use as giveaways.
20. The on-line photo badge to promote my webinarts classes.
21. The online photo badge used to promote my workshops.
22. The "august" page of my calendar.
23. The on-line photo badge to promote my Monday Open Studio.
24. The photo used to promote Day two of my annual "Twelve Days of Christmas" holiday giveaway.
25. My Facebook Fan Page.
26. The photo used to promote my Carriage House, my studio where most of my workshops are taught.
27. Mugs printed at used during my workshops (I hate Styrofoam cups!!!).
28. A luggage tag used as a giveaway.
29. The home page on my website.
30. A photo (of me) to promote the AHA aprons.

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