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Thursday, April 23, 2009

One a Day

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One A Day, Oil, 8" x 6"
Sometimes you need to just change things around a bit. So I tried a still life painting and used some different colors. It was fun but I still like boats better! Sorry!
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L.Holm said...

absolutely great to change things up! I like your boats, too, but you can paint anything and have it zing with life, Leslie! I like the hollow in the stem-part of the apple. (is there a name for that) the core hollow? Well done!

RUDHI-Daily said...

Really a precious WOMEN's Apple:)
Greetings from Austria!

Karen said...

Leslie, It's lovely, and though it's different, it still retains the "Leslie" essence!

And I can't believe you painted yesterday's post after updating a website! I hate to do that (but I must soon)'s so tiring.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

I do also love your boats - but this is fun too - I like the texture and color variation.

Sandra Galda a Daily Painter said...

this apple is shimmery! Very pretty! I enjoy visiting your blog!

Robin Roberts said...

i like your use of the pallet knife. I have tried painting like that as well and really enjoyed the process. It really helped me loosen up as well which is one thing I always work on. you always have great color in every piece too.


Sally Shisler......... said...

Hey girl - another beauty! But I especially love Wednesdays. Holy cow are you good! I went out painting yesterday (to no avail) and found a tiny marina thinking I'd try out something new. What a mass of design challenges. I ultimately gave up. Probably had too much with me -

Christine's Arts said...

I love the colors and style of this apple painting.

Dean Grey said...

Karen nailed it on the head.

Different subject matter but this painting still has that "Leslie" feel to it.

What beautiful texture created by the small, chunky brushstrokes.

Wonderful color choices too. The reds, yellows, pink, and purples look great together.

I'd like to see you do more still lifes once in a while.



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