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Monday, October 12, 2009

A Day of Reflections

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"A Day of Reflections"
Oil, 12" x 12" on canvas panel
$650 framed.
This past weekend was simply amazing. It was all about art and I loved it!
The weekend started out with the Pasadena ARTWalk and it was a great show. The positive feedback I received was overwhelming and the sales were great. One of the paintings I sold was "Castle Green". It turns out three people wanted to buy it. I think I am going to try to paint more urban scenes ... maybe less boats?
The painting posted here is the painting I worked on while I was at the ARTWalk. It was a blast to paint and it led to very fun and interesting conversations about my palette knife painting technique...
After spending all day at the ARTWalk, we participated in the South Pasadena Preservation Society House tour. Actually ... our "house" participated. It was one of the homes on the tour. Saturday night we hosted 120 people as part of a progressive dinner and Sunday we opened the house (all three floors) to tours. I made some wonderful new friends and I think met some new fans of my artwork. And yes, my house is so clean ... I am ready for the holidays and it is only October!
We also attended the California Art Club opening on Saturday night of the exhibit "City of Trees" in which my painting "Library in Bloom" is on display. We could only stay a short time but it was amazing to see my painting hang amongst so many other wonderful paintings. What a fun night!

One of the things that came up many times this weekend is whether I would consider teaching a palette knife workshop. It sounds very interesting but I am just not sure if it makes sense. Anyway, I practiced teaching my youngest son and here is his first painting. I did help him and re-work it, but his first attempt at painting with a palette knife is amazing!

"Michael's First Painting"

6" x 6", oil on canvas panel.

5 comments: said...

Your work is amazing. I love you colors as well as your composition within 6x6 or 12x12 format. Well done.

Roger Seddon said...

Hello Leslie. I am a new follower and I think your work is tremendous. The colours you have chosen for "A day of reflections" are so bold and vibrant. I like your technique very much but know little abour palette knife painting. I am sure many would wish to take advantage of learning your skills if you decide to pass on the knowledge. Regards Roger

Karen said...

I love his painting! How wonderful! One of my fondest times recently was painting with my's always amazing to share these gifts with young spirits.

Congrats on all your recent sales and you sure are busy!

Sandra Galda said...

HI! Sounds like you are quite busy and enjoying life! Congrads on your sales!!! Also it is sooooo special to interact with your children in the area of art, esp when they are interested! Great idea and super nice activity. The painting is excellent!

Victor Errington said...

I love this one Leslie. It`s amazing what you
personally do with your palette knife. I have
just completed a couple of paintings with the knife, and found it very satisfying but difficult to use on any detail. I also love your bright colours that you produce.
All the best leslie.


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