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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Break of the Day - SOLD

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Palette Knife Painting by Leslie Saeta
"Break of the Day"
Oil, 6" x 6" on canvas panel.

This painting was a painting commission completed today. I painted it kind of as a "demo" for my summer intern so she could understand my style of painting and see how I paint.  Later this week we are going to paint together.  I enjoy "explaining while I paint" (I guess they call that teaching) and I loved her comment at the end ... "How do you do that and make it look so easy?" All I could do was remember all the times I have struggled and scraped and wiped off paintings ... and it made me laugh.

I made some major progress today on the plans for the Carriage House Workshop Studio remodel. I am getting excited as we are going to remove the ceiling and open up the rafters so that the ceiling is exposed and goes all the way up to the top - which is really high! I came up with an idea to build tiny shelves on the wall for my students to display all of their completed paintings where I can actually take a great photo. I can't help but think of all of the times in my previous workshops when we would put the paintings on the floor (and they would often get stepped on) and then I would have to climb on a ladder to try to get a good photo. I won't miss those days! I have also picked out the pendant lighting and just need to finalize the paint color before we get started on the project. 

I was reminded today that my dear friend Dreama is mad at me for the fact that I not only have an intern but also that I am remodeling the Carriage House for a workshop studio. She told me today that she can barely talk to me ... so please try to be nice to her. She is fragile and you never know ... tee hee ... I am just afraid that I might receive a box in the mail one of these days with a "meow" noise inside ... she is threatening to send Eddie to California so he can distract me from my fun projects!

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Carrie'sCreations said...

Congrats on your commission. It's another "Spectacular Saeta" painting. I too am jealous of your Carriage house renovations. The only thing I have that could be close to a Carriage house would be my shed in the back, pretty sure it's not quite the same:) Your wall of shelves idea is fabulous, such a genius you are:)


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