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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Free Birthday Giveaway - Day Five

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"Garfield Park"
Oil, 11" x 14" 

Congratulations to Martha Kisling as she was the winner of the free three day workshop.  And thanks to so many of you for sharing my Workshop webpage - wow!

So ... what a weekend ... Matt's team won the CIF Championship baseball game yesterday. The final score was 10 - 0, which was amazing. It was the first baseball championship in school history ... and the school is 101 years old. So I guess it was a long time coming ...

Graduation festivities are gearing up and its hard to believe we will have yet another high school graduate. Must mean I am getting old ... oh gosh ... I forgot that is this week too.

Which reminds me ... my shoulder is a bit better and the sling is nowhere to be found. Seriously, what doctor in the world thinks a very busy mom/wife/volunteer/birthday-girl/mom-of-a-graduate-this-week-who-is-making-a-tshirt-quilt-for-her-son-this-week-too/artist/business-woman/party-planner can wear a sling on her right arm when she is right handed? We had about 60 people over last night after the game for a bbq/celebration and how did my doctor think I could pull that off without my right arm? Anyway ... I kind of forgot to put my sling on this morning at 7:45am on our way to a volleyball tournament. I am sure it will be fine. (Well maybe it will be in a week or so when things slow down.)

Now it's time to get down to business and announce the Free Birthday Giveaway for Day Five! Actually, the truth is I hadn't thought of anything for today's giveaway so I figured if I just kept typing something would actually come to me. So, the giveaway is ... um ... um ... kidding. I actually planned all the giveaways last week and today's giveaway is a one hour consultation on How To Use Facebook To Sell Your Art. I promise this will be one of the most informative hours you will spend and you will learn a lot - especially when it comes to building your fan base!
So, to qualify for the drawing, all you have to do is LIKE my Facebook Fan Page which can be found at Leslie Saeta Fine Art. You can leave me a comment here too ... it makes me feel very loved!

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