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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Free Birthday Giveaway - Day Four

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Palette Knife Workshop Demonstration

Congratulations to Nancy Laliberte who won the Day Three Birthday Challenge which was a 90-minute marketing consultation. Way to go!

The Carriage House Workshop Studio
I just finished updating my workshop page and have all of my 2012 Workshops scheduled. (Please note that iweb was acting funny this morning so if you see anything out of place ... it is not me!) I am really excited because my husband and I have decided to convert the Carriage House in our backyard in to a permanent workshop studio. We will be adding french doors and doing a bit more work this summer but the space will be ready for the fall. All my workshops will be held here except for my workshop with Dreama ... as the group is just too large.

Today's Birthday Giveaway is a FREE three day workshop held in 2011 or 2012. It's very easy to qualify for the drawing, just go to my workshop page and click the RECOMMEND link at the top. Also PLEASE leave a comment here to let me know you have done this because if you are not a facebook friend of mine, I won't see your name. Thanks and good luck!

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