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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


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Reflections, Oil, 8" x 10"
This painting is for sale.
I just finished this painting about 15 minutes ago, in fact I see that I still have paint on my fingers! I started it last night, but ended up scraping the paint off the entire canvas. Sometimes when I work with the palette knife, I end up working the painting too much and it turns out muddy. That is where I was last night when I did the "big scrape". I am happier with it today but I think I will try to paint it again sometime in the future. I left out so much of the detail in the water - there were waves everywhere - but it was just too busy.


Anonymous said...

Love those reflections in the wet sand!!
Don't you just love doing these... Is it family???

Leslie Saeta said...

Thanks Marian. The photo is not family ... I mean ... there is a girl in this painting! Just kidding, but all my family photos are boys and sports!


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