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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Homeless Paintings

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One Boat in the Harbor, Oil 14" x 11"
I am not happy with this painting but I thought I would post it anyway. I think I have learned that I really need to be careful about my color selections. I thought the "blue and brown color combination" would be great but I was so wrong. Oh well, this goes in the craft room with all of the paintings deemed "homeless". We all have a few of these!


Jala Pfaff said...

Or, think of this as your first layer. Wait for it to dry a week or so, and...add another layer! :)

Leslie Saeta said...

Good point. That way I can change up the colors. Thank you!

Sandra Galda said...

I think it has a very good composition and of course your beautiful style....maybe you would be happier if a you completed it with a glaze over the background area with a grayed (for distance) rust/brown, to contrast with the is a nice work. You are so talented!

Sally Shisler said...

I think the brown and blue look stunning together. Perhaps you just need to 'commit' to the very thing that's bothering you. Like Sandra said, take it to the next level! Maybe you could bring up the darker browns, closer to a rusty orange color. That may add a little more vibrancy there. I notice the juxtaposition of compliments - brownish/blueish, alongside of green (from the background boat) with a small patch of red (from the foreground boat). I wonder what would happen if that red became more solid and bright in intensity. This is a very nice painting - very strong in composition!

Leslie Saeta said...

You guys are too nice! Thanks SO MUCH for the suggestions. Now I want to fix it!

r garriott said...

Great suggestions. Blue/brown can be a nice basis; I was thinking zap up the red, too-- that will immediately change the focus. You've put too much work in to give up now!
When I have a painting that just isn't quite doing it for me, I turn it to the wall for a week, so I can't see it. Sometimes when I bring it back out, the answer is clear.

r garriott said...

PS, I'm too literal; I saw the title 'Homeless Paintings' and I expected to see portraits of street people (who live on boats). Oops!

Galya said...


I don`t think you have to add anything. Like the others, it is well ballanced, very plastig and impressive. I am very interested in your work and shall carry on visisting:)

Best regards


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