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Monday, June 15, 2009

Watercolor 101

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Watercolor, "Tired Brushes", 8" x 10"
After my disastrous Thursday, I spent the weekend in Ojai celebrating a girlfriend's birthday. Instead of spending the day in the spa, I signed up for a watercolor class. This was my first attempt at watercolors and although it was frustrating, I enjoyed it. My first attempt was a painting of boats (big surprise, I know), but when I finished it, there was no white left on my paper. I will have to try that one again. This painting was a quick attempt before the class ended ... it took me about ten minutes and obviously has some problems. But it was fun and ... I certainly have a huge appreciation for all of the watercolor artists out there!


Sandra Galda said...

Hey kudos for trying a new media, and nice result!

Diane S. said...

Hi Leslie,

I just discovered you a week ago and instantly fell in love with your work! I think this watercolor painting is a very fine first start.

By the way, I hope your toe is beginning to recover. I can unfortunately share in your pain. In fact, like you, my husband also tells me I am an accident waiting to happen. A few months ago I fell down a few stairs during a power outage and went crashing full force into a heavy glass wall. I am still recovering from that one. And just last week, I too broke a toe. While moving a skillet off a gas burner, the heavy glass lid went flying and somehow managed to catch the tip of one of my toes. I can hardly wait for what's next!

Dana Cooper said...

Watercolorists have my utmost respect, kind of like kindergarten teachers...what they do is great,but it takes a lot of patience and a different mindset. Great job, Leslie!

Dreama Tolle Perry said...

Leslie--had some time last night to go to your site and really "soak up" the wonderful work you do. It is so full of life and joy--it makes me happy to look at it. Absolutely wonderful. And by the way, I paint in watercolor too, and your first pass shows you have the stuff for it--most people initially tend to have it too diluted and their pieces look, pardon the pun "washed out" You have carried your knack for juicy color right along with you into a new medium. It does travel well and is great fun for drawing in with a water safe pen and then just splashing color on it--makes me want to get mine out, haven't used them in awhile. At any rate--lovely work!

susan hong-sammons said...

I love this and wish you posted your boat piece in watercolor as well. The design/composition is excellent and the looseness of the paint fits watercolor.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Your watercolor is very fun! Sorry to hear about your terrible Thursday - some days are like that, just one icky thing after another. I guess it takes those days to appreciate all the others. Hope your toe is healing.

laura said...

This is just gorgeous--the colors, the way you let the watercolors flow (something not so easy to do, even when you've been watercolor painting for years, like me!).
I love the subject too!!

Carolina said...

I see you trying to use the same brush strokes as with oils, this creats an interesting result.

Marian Fortunati said...

Watercolors are a world onto themselves... Fabulous first attempt!!

Fernando Pena said...

Hi Leslie,
I'm glad to have found your blog, and that you painted those watercolors, maybe because I paint watercolors and no other media.
I love your boats and of course I will follow you from now on.
I will include a link to your blog if you agree with it.
I paint mostly urban scenes, but two days ago I posted a boat in watercolor.

julie davis said...

NIce job on the new media, Leslie. I'm not brave enough to try anything other than pencil/charcoal in addition to oils right now, but what fun to try something new.

L.Holm said...

Wonderful watercolor, Leslie! so cool to see you work your magic with another medium.


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