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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Looking Back at Thirty Paintings in September

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Here is my "collage" of the 30 paintings I completed this month. In truth, I atually painted FIFTY paintings this month if you count each canvas, i.e. a triptych equals three paintings. I cannot believe I pulled it off. I decided to create my collage using only the thirty paitings from my sea glass collection since the colors worked together so well. 
I created my collage with an on-line program called picmonkey. Just go to PicMonkey and select "create a collage". You can use one of their designs or you can design your own. To make a collage with 30 photos you will need to design your own (or you can use one with close to 30 spaces and just add the additional ones). Then you can drag your uploaded photos in to the collage until you are done. (When you drag in a photo, you can see where to place the photos as you move them around. If you move them around carefully a small gray bar will appear and you can create columns and rows by adding more photos.) One suggestion I have for you is to be sure to use lower resolution photos as it won't upload very large file sizes. If you try to upload all 30 and it won't do it just re-size your photos until it works!

It's a fun tool to use. You can change the width and color of the grid lines between the photos and then save the completed collage as a jpeg on your computer. Please post your collages here! And it doesn't matter how many paintings you completed. Create a collage to show off the paintings you created this month.

Thanks to the 1037 artists who painted with me this month. You rock! Continue to paint. But do it on your schedule and take on some new projects and challenges. You deserve it!

I still have a few workshops left in 2015 in South Pasadena and Ventura. Click here for more information! I am also offering Online Studio painting classes every month. Join me each month as we paint boats, roosters, glass, beach scenes, umbrellas, abstracts, etc. with a palette knife. Click here to sign up.

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