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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lonely Palm

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Lonely Palm, Oil, 10" x 8"
I was so unhappy with the painting I posted yesterday that I just had to post something else! Funny that it bothered me so much, but I just wasn't happy with the painting. I will probably scrape it and start over ... I guess that is the beauty with oils!
I have my fingers crossed that my jury duty experience will end tomorrow. It has been long enough ... and it is time to get my life back! And get back to painting.


Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Leslie
Your standards are high, so your right if your not happy with it. This one I like. An unusual crop which lends itself to the format.
Best Regards

judith said...

Hello Leslie, Your work is lovely! I'm so pleased to have found your page . I'll be back .

Karen said...

I understand being so unhappy with some! But this one should make you feel better. Sparkly color and light, warm against cool, bright against dull, just brilliant (literally).

Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Hi Leslie,
This is lovely. I understand how you feel when you aren't happy with something...had that happen to me last week and ended up turning it into something else.

This painting really conveys happiness to me. I really like it.

Cafe Pasadena said...

I know the feeling about being unsatisfied with something. I've even trashed something new I just bot to get it outta my life.

Dewberry Fine Art said...

Being unhappy wih a painting isn't a bad thing. It makes you stop and evaluate what you did and what you don't like and what you want different. Sometimes i find it isn't my painting at all , but my state of mind.
Lots of things to love about this painting. Your fabulous luscious paint. The beautiful color and harmony. The lonely palm that makes me think of being on vacation in some wonderful place. It might not be all that you think it should be, but it is a step in your painting journey to ponder where you want to go and see how far you have come. It reminds me of just how fond I am of oil paint.
Thanks Leslie for my honored award. That was so kind and thoughtful. I am not good at following through with these things and hope to get to it soon. There is no question that I think your work is amazing.

LSaeta said...

Thanks guys for all of your encouragement. I am looking forward to LOTS of painting this weekend. We have nothing on the calendar so let's hope there is no frustration at my easel this time!


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