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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A View From Behind

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Rainy Day, Oil, 8" x 10"
There is a new Southern California website and they are looking for artists! Currently they will build a website and add all of your links for free. It is called and if you are interested you can email Nadine at . Click on my link and you can see what they have built. I think it is a nice opportunity for artists in the LA area. And the price is right!
I painted this painting over the weekend. Loved painting those bluejeans and reflections!


Jill Berry said...

Very Nice! You do a good job with blocking in large shapes and contrasting them with the textures of emphasis like the jeans.

LSaeta said...

Thanks Jill. I think the painting needs a bit more "tweaking" so I am not done yet!

Anonymous said...

Love those blue jeans!

r garriott said...

Who can resist a red umbrella on a rainy day? And those great watery reflections on the sidewalk, nice!


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