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Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Rose is a Rose

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A Rose is A Rose, Oil, 8" x 6"
I have been to two fiftieth birthday celebrations in the last 48 hours. Many of us are turning the big "50" this year and now that the big day is getting closer I am actually excited! To my friends Sue and Annie ... Happy fiftieth and thanks for letting me share in your special celebrations.
This weekend my oldest son is competing in his last year of CIF Southern California swimming championships and what a wonderful time it has been. Finals are later today so please keep your fingers crossed for a few records!
Given the absolute lack of time this weekend, this painting was completed in the fastest time I have ever painted a painting. It is not as if I sat down to paint this in a hurry ... it just went really fast! "A Rose is a Rose" took me ... actually I will let you guess! Of course, remember that it really took me "years of studying art and countless classes and workshops" to paint this (I love it when artists say that). In your guess ... please include paint mixing time as I always do that first.
It will be interesting to hear your guesses!


Robin Roberts said...

Sounds like things are pretty busy. Must be that time of year.

I like the spontaneity of your paintings but I'm sure this still takes longer than we think. I will guess 1 hour and 35 minutes from start of mixing to signing your name.

Becky Brocato said...

Nicely done! I'm guessing 1 hour 50 minutes??

Denise Rose said...

So pretty! I love this, considering my last name is Rose! It would take me about 10 years to paint this, since I am still trying to paint miles and miles of canvas (!), but I would say 48 minutes?

Carolina Elizabeth said...

Absolutely lovely work. Kudos, Leslie. Regards, Carolina ELizabeth

L.Holm said...

Gosh, I couldn't begin to guess. What probably takes you an hour takes me a day or more! It's beautiful. When I blow it up big, can really enjoy the speed of the knife application, and yummy paint quality.
Fingers crossed for you son's championship.
I turned 50 this year. I'd give my eye teeth for 1/2 your energy, Leslie! lol.

Jill Berry said...

Hey, I thought about you while I was out painting boats this week.
I like your rose.
My first guess is 20 min.

Anonymous said...

Having followed your blog for some time, and aware of the ability of the hand at the other end of the pallette knife and your mental state (you said it just worked) I would guess about 45 minutes all in. I hope there is a prize for all these calculations:) r.

Sally Shisler said...

This is stunning Leslie! Here's my guess...

Paint mixing: about 7 colors (aliz crimson, bt sienna, fr ultramarine, sap green, terre verte?, rose madder? - with varying degrees of white?). 16 minutes.

Painting: 37 minutes

All together: 53 minutes???

I MUST say again that your technique is wonderful. Can't shake the shock of knowing you only started this 3 years ago. All training from other folks aside, you have a special gift from above, it's all your own!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Love the depth. Have no clue how long it took you - all I know is that it would take me days! I just read the above comment and am shocked you have only been at this 3 years - hooray for finding a such a beautiful gift inside you!

Karen said...

hee hee I feel like I'm on the Price is Right. I'm going with 44 minutes.
You're going to tell us, right?!

p.s. congrats on your Lakers today!

Jala Pfaff said...


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Love it, I have no idea how long it took so I won't attempt a guess.

FCP said...

Looks like it took just long enough to get it right! Lovely,

Dean Grey said...


Lovely pinks and purples in this one!



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