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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

30 in 30, Day Twenty-four

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"Along the Coast"
Acrylic, 24" x 26"

It's sure wonderful to be home. I think I will be happier in two weeks when technically my "other house" remodel will be done. I say "technically" because of course it won't really be completely done. But we will be close! At least we will be moved in which means all of the stuff for the "other house" will no longer be in every room of our house!

Yesterday I made the decision to delay the stain and sanding of the floors until after my girl's weekend. They are behind and if we tried to get the floors completely done in the next 13 days then there is no way the rest of the house would be done. Tomorrow is a big day as counter tops, appliances, mantle, bathrooms and tons of other stuff will be finished. At least I really hope it's finished. Furniture and "a household worth of stuff" is confirmed for delivery a week from Thursday. I can't wait.

I started painting some abstract paintings for the Beach House. I thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit. So this one. titled "Along the Coast" is going to Ventura Beach!

Check out my new remodel blog for our new beach house in Ventura, Ca. Beginning this fall I will be teaching workshops at the beach. Come stay and paint with me! I have workshops scheduled in the next twelve months in South Pasadena, Ventura Beach, Newport Beach, Carmel, Indiana, Charlotte, NC, and Atlanta, Ga. Click here for more information!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm quite behind but still trying to contribute to the 30 in 30.

My painting today is just a little sketch of perhaps my biggest daydream: to be a sailor living the cruising life!


Hope you are still having fun, Leslie.


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