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Monday, September 30, 2013

30 in 30, Day Thirty!!!

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"Fall Waters"
Oil, 8" x 8" on canvas panel.
$350.00 with display easel.

Day 30. Holy smokes. We did it. 

There were many times this month when I thought this day would never come. And now it's here and I am sad. I am going to miss the pressure of finishing my painting every day. 

I have thought long and hard about what was my favorite part of this month's challenge. Aside from painting every day, it has to be all of the awesome notes and emails I have received from all of you! It is funny how so many of you think I had something to do with the fact that you have painted so much this month! All I did was create the forum. That's it! You are the ones who painted everyday. I don't get the credit. YOU DO!!

Technically the challenge is over for now. But we all know, of course it's really just the beginning. 

This is the time for all of us to build upon what we have accomplished this month. Whether you painted five or thirty paintings, it doesn't matter. We have all learned something from painting more often, from blogging everyday and sharing our art on Facebook. The results have snowballed and have been amazing. Many of you told me that you have already blogged more times this month than the entire  year. Most of you have found a way to leave "the stuff" behind so when you enter your studio it's all about painting. A lot of you are painting faster and having little trouble finding inspiration to paint. It's been a great 30 days and I thank you all for joining and inspiring me to paint every day this month.

Tomorrow we will head back in to our studios and paint some more. We will continue to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and take some risks. We don't need to feel rushed and we don't need to ignore our families anymore (haha). Just paint what you want, but take a little more time to build on the momentum you have created these past few weeks. 

I promise we will do another 30 in 30 Challenge in January 2014. In the meantime I will be busy painting and teaching and enjoying the beach house (our "moving in" day is this Thursday!)

Tomorrow I will post a collage of all of my 30 paintings. I will also post instructions as to how you can create one too. So be sure to check back tomorrow.  So, you are not finished with me yet!

Check out my new remodel blog for our new beach house in Ventura, Ca. Beginning this fall I will be teaching workshops at the beach. Come stay and paint with me! I have workshops scheduled in the next twelve months in South Pasadena, Ventura Beach, Newport Beach, Carmel, Indiana, Charlotte, NC, and Atlanta, Ga. Click here for more information!


L. Lane said...

Leslie, thank you for pushing me to make painting part of my daily routine! I learned a lot about myself, what is important to me, and what I now realize were easy distractions. Who knew how much I LOVE painting using oils!!! Looking forward to Charlotte . . .

Jess Harel said...

Thank you Leslie .... But I will feel like an orphan now ....
But, well, see yout tomorrow for the collage than! :)
Again, amazing artworks posted today ...

Liana Yarckin said...

Leslie, I have to agree with L. Lane and Jess Harel. This has been a great growth experience for me. I posted on facebook the updates of the challenge and whenever I would see a non-artist around town they would ask, "how's that challenge going? i don't know how you do it, you are amazing, you should paint..." So thank you, so much for all that you do - this challenge, your radio talk show filled with so many great ideas in very show and sharing everything with us.
p.s. i want to go to the beach house!!!!! Seriously!

Liana Yarckin said...

oops, also, I tried to upload my image this morning from my phone. It looked like all was okay and then tonight I saw that there was no image, just my name.

Lavette said...

Lets keep it going! Emsil me or post on my blog! We have a bunch of willing energy lets go with it'.

Seriously lets keep the momemtum, a paintbrush in hand.

Let me know! I need this in my life right now so much.


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